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The Darleen J. and Robert L. Walker Scholarship Fund was established to provide financial assistance to students studying law or entering law school anywhere in Illinois or Milwaukee, Wisc. or St. Louis, Mo.

While scholarships are open to all, strong preference is given to applicants who are Masons, who come from Masonic families or are former residents of the Masonic Children's Home in LaGrange, Ill.

We are now accepting online applications for the 2014-2015 Walker Scholarship. The deadline for applying is June 20, 2014 and the selection committee will meet soon after the deadline. Recipients will be notified prior to the start of the academic year.

To supplement the application, we ask that students submit a Student Aid Report or FAFSA documentation so we might evaluate financial need. These documents may be sent in by mail or e-mailed to: apply [at] walkerscholarship.org.
Eligible Law Schools

  • Chicago-Kent
DePaul University
John Marshall
Loyola University Chicago
Northern Illinois University
Northwestern University
Southern Illinois University
University of Illinois
University of Chicago

Marquette University

St. Louis
St. Louis University
Washington University

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